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AppNana Hack! Get Free Unlimited Nanas – No Survey!

AppNana is an amazing app that let's you acquire points to use in paid apps!

You’ve probably heard about this awesome little app called AppNana . If you haven’t be sure to check out our article on it here. So before we go straight to explaining how our hack works, we’ll explain what AppNana really is. It won’t be an in-depth guide like our last one, it’ll be a simple Overview. We will express some of our opinions about it and genuinely give newcomers insight on what it does. To put it simply, this is a shorter version of our AppNana tutorial.

As for the AppNana hack, well we’ll get to it at the end of this article. We’ll try to keep it as short as possible because we know you want those free Nanas. In the part of the article dedicated to our AppNana Hack we will discuss the main benefits of our hack. Not only that, but we will also post a short yet simple guide on how to use our hack. This guide can be implemented on any of our generators. They all work on the same mechanics and will work simply by following the same steps. We at GameBag strive for simplicity and freedom, hence we made all our hacks easy to use.

This about wraps it up for our Introduction part of the article. The only thing left to do now is go over the Overview and the Hack. Stick around and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

AppNana – Our Honest App Overview – Is it Useful and How Can You Use Nanas?

AppNana is a mobile app that allows you to earn gift cards by accomplishing little tasks. It won’t make you rich over night, as a matter of fact it won’t make you rich at all. But it just might save you some money along the way. It won’t be too much in the beginning but over time, it really ads up! You may have heard of some similar apps that grant you certain bonuses, gifts etc, but AppNana is by far the best one. This is our opinions of course, and you’re allowed to disagree!

The core idea of AppNana is that you will earn points and then exchange those points for gift cards. You need minimum 30,000 points (in the app points = Nanas) to cash out $1 Amazon gift card. Notice that you can’t earn cash with this app, hence we told you that you won’t get rich from it. Still it’s a nice way to patch up a few dents in your wallet here and there!

The first and the most basic way to earn Nanas with AppNana is by downloading other apps. Once you register an account, you’ll be presented with various different apps to try out and download. Once you download an app, you need to accomplish a certain task, for example, reach level 10 in a game or beat a certain boss, you get the gist…

There are many ways to get Nanas aside from our AppNana Hack. We will list some of the most basic means of acquiring Nana Points, here are some:

  1. Log In Every Day – You will earn 400 points just for opening the app. It won’t take you a lot of time. However, 400 points are not very much. However it adds up over time and if you mix it up with other ways of getting points, we’ll you’ll quickly stack them up!
  2. Share you Referral Code – This way of earning Free Nanas is by far the quickest one (aside from our AppNana Hack of course). When somebody joins through your AppNana Referral Code, you’ll both get extra 2,500 points. If you refer 100 friends, you have already earned 250,000 which is enough for some really neat Gift Cards!

AppNana Hack – How to Get Free Nanas and Should You Do it?

Well first of all we’d like to point out that our AppNana is a completely free app! This means that you got literally nothing to lose by giving it a try. Especially if you’re running low on money and need a tool to save some. If that is the case feel free to give our AppNana hack a try, you’ll get loads of free Nanas in no time! But first…why should you use it?d mentioning how expensive mobile apps and games can get. While it doesn’t mean you should get everything for free – things can and will get pretty expnsive anyway. Hence we made this AppNana Hack!

With it you will be able to progress in the app at insane speeds – others simply won’t be able to catch up to you…EVER! Let’s face it, the original app concept is quite slow and takes too much time and patience. So while we do encourage you to make a few online transactions here and there, using our generator will surely save you a bunch of time.

We won’t ask you to perform any ridiculous tasks before you can use our hacks. No surveys, no likes or share demands – none of that! You can get straight into hacking by scrolling down this page and finding the red “Online Hack” button. After you click it you’ll get redirected to a page with built-in guide for the hack.

So no you’re probably asking yourselves this…

How Do I Use AppNana Hack?

The hacking process is very simple and if you follow the steps below, you’ll have no problems getting insane amounts of free Nanas!

  • Find a red button at the bottom of this page with “Online Hack” written over it
  • Click it and you’ll jump towards our generator’s page
  • First, you will land on a page for establishing a secure connection with our server and you have to click on the button “Connect” on that page
  • Wait for the connection establishment to finish
  • Once it’s done, “Proceed” button will appear. Click it.
  • This is the last jump you’ll have to make to the final page, where you specify the amount of Nanas you need
  • To confirm the selection, press on “Generate” button
  • Enjoy the game!

That really is all there is to it! As we’ve already stated it is very simple and most importantly – absoulutely free! Now there’s one thing we’d like to ask of you before you leave us…

Follow these images to see how our AppNana hack is used properly!

If you've followed our AppNana hack guide to the letter, final result will look like this!

Please Restrain Yourself From Spamming or Abusing Our AppNana Hack!

We’d like to point out that spamming or abusing our hack will get you nowhere. This is simply because our servers can only handle so much generator requrests at once. If you click the “Generate” button a hundred times in 20 seconds, chances are you’ll bring down our servers! It’s pretty easy to guess why this is a loss-loss situation for us all.

You won’t get your Nanas, many others won’t either. Our servers will have to be brought up again, and all of this takes time and resources we simply can’t afford to lose.

This is why we ask you to please use the hack in moderation and to use it rationally so everyone can benefit! I – David Minard of GameBag will hopefully see you all next time!

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