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BattleHand Hack – Hack Free Dungeon Keys, Gold and Gems!

A brand new mobile game by a few former Fable developers that blends elements of CCGs and RPGs.

Greetings everyone! Today we have a mobile game to present you with. Not just any mobile game mind you. It has been made by some of the same developers that made the Fable franchise! You know it has potential when you hear this. We though so too, hence we took a closer look into it. First of all let us assure you that we made the BattleHand hack for you as well. Just to be clear from the start, the generator for Battlehand is completely free!

However more on that topic in the section of our article dedicated to the hack itself. Before we dive straight into hacking Dungeon Keys, Gold and Gems we have to finish the Overview. In the Overview part of the article we will discuss game’s main features. It’s core mechanics and the basic idea behind it. In this part we usually give our opinions on the game as well. Only after we’ve made this part will we go over the Hack. We do this simply because there are a lot of people that haven’t heard of this game. We thinks it might be a wasted opportunity for you to skip it, really.

If you’re here simply to use our hack for BattleHand we suggest you skip the Overview. This is because it’s mainly made for the newcomers to the game. We understand that you won’t have much use of it if you’re already a veteran.

Well that about wraps it up for the introduction part. Now all that there’s left are the juicy parts, let’s get to them. Shall we?

BattleHand – General Overview of the Game

BattleHand is a gorgeous and finely-tuned blend of CCG and RPG which is somewhat spoiled by poor free to play implementation. As usual free to play games tend to become pay to win in the end despite the efforts. However we will talk more about this later.

You play your way through various stages, frequently unlocking new quests and bonuses to entice you into doing more. It might be cliched but it’s still pretty fun to negotiate. At first you gather a party from a selection of fantasy hero clichés and then equip each of them with a deck of eight cards. Each card represents a weapon, item, or spell you can use in battle. Also you’ll be able to fight your way through the campaign mode. As well as take on other players in PvP, or test out your hand in dungeons and challenges.

To make a long story short BattleHand is a gorgeous and finely-tuned blend of CCG and RPG which is somewhat spoiled by poor free to play implementation.

It’s deep enough to make you want to play for a long time, but instead it’s casual gamers that will glean the most benefit, being able to dip in and out for a fight or two.

Since it’s a free to play game, this is how they encourage you to spend money… You can purchase Gold, Card Packs, and Gems as an IAP and this starts to become essential the further you get in the game. This can put quite a dent on your wallet. Especially in a long run, when the smaller transactions add up. To avoid this, we’ve simply made our BattleHand generator. With is you’ll have infinite amounts of free Gold, Gems and Dungeon Keys!

So let’s see what our hack really has to offer…

BattleHand Hack – Free To Use Generator for BattleHand

Although there are more resources in the game than just gold, dungeon keys and gems we have only made tem hackable. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest, it is much easier this way. You will still be able to get every single resource absolutely for free. Basically you can get anything with these three resources. And it will be more than enough to give you an edge in battle,

Everything can be purchased in game with these three resources.. Gems are your omni-tool for this game. You can use them for pretty much anything so they’ll always come in handy. Others aren’t that important in the beggining though.

Considering that our hack for BattleHand can generate insane amounts of resources, it’s safe to say that you will have more than enough resources to go by. Even if you somehow manage to spend it all, you can always come back later and generate another batch.

This way we’ve made sure that operating the generator is as simple as it gets and that you get everything that you need at the same time.

How To Hack Free Gold, Gems and Dungeon Keys in BattleHand?

If you have no experience with game hacks, don’t worry. We’ve put up an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial that will explain everything you need to know. Simply read this short instruction and at the end of it, you will have as much gold as you need.

Before we begin, we only want to say that if you have any previous experience with GameBag hacks, then you don’t have to read this. You already know how to hack this game if you’ve used any one of our previous game hacks. Feel free to skip this part and go straight for the cheat.

Be sure to input the correct information into our BattleHand Hack

Resources will arrive only if you've placed the information in our BattleHand hack correctly!

To hack BattleHand free resources you must:

  1. Go through this page and look for a red button. This button will have the words “Online Hack” written over it. You need to press it.
  2. Once pressed, the button will initialize a process of redirection. During this process, a new window or tab will open up in your browser. Let it load completely before proceeding.
  3. Open to new window/tab. It is very likely that thanks to our user-friendly design you will know exactly what needs to be done. If you are confused however, simply read the instructions on that page and you will know exactly what needs to be done.
  4. Allow for a couple of minutes after you’ve finished with the BattleHand generator for the resources to arrive to your account.
  5. Enjoy your free stuff!

Online Hack

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