Fantasy War Tactics Hack Cheats Unlimited Crystals Gold

Fantasy War Tactics Hack is a tool we hard-worked during the last 2 weeks so that we can achieve all of our desires. You can easily use this cheat to get unlimited Gold, Crystals and Mana Stone which will be helpful in completing every stage. We also assure our visitors that security is one of the main features and we can promise, based on extensive testing, that our cheat code is 100% safe to use and no risks are involved for adding too many resources or for using it many times. Fantasy War Tactics can become too much enjoyable, if you apply cheats to obtain everything in this game, like equip your heroes and upgrade them. We had to be convinced that each thing there is in our product will satisfies your needs, so right now you can use our Fantasy War Tactics Hack and enjoy the game on both Android and iOS devices.

Fantasy War Tactics is a turn-based strategy RPG where you play as a powerful wizard and start your travel toward world domination. Along the course of your journey, you will encounter different characters, bosses and enemies that you can recruit to aid you with your strategies of world domination. Battle and story progression occurs in dungeons/battle instances. To make progress the story, players will need to remove all the enemies in a dungeon in a set number of turns (this amount depends on how many of foes in a dungeon and the level of difficulty) using a team of up to five heroes. This will be really familiar for those which played these kinds of games in the past. Players will need to plan where to place their heroes properly in order to maximize their attacks and reduce the damage they take from opponents.

The game has two game modes to advance interplay between gamers via a PvP scenario. The first one is Battle of Honor where players have a team of 4 heroes to fight other players’ squads and ascend through the ladder is established by your Honor Points. The second one is Dimensional Breakthrough mode wherein players will pass through a number of fights called Virtual Stages and you can get different rewards for completing each level. In contradistinction to Battle of Honor, heroes will not recover entirely and heroes who totally lose all of their HP can no longer take part in the later stages. The game’s fight and funny story makes it very pleasant and addicting to play. Fantasy War Tactics might take a bit of time to teach the controls and battle but as soon as you do, you’ll see yourself spending much time playing the game.

Auto-battle will be everything you need for most cases; nevertheless, in really very difficult fights, you’ll want to manage the game yourself. You can level up your main character “Lord” in addition to the troops you use in combat. He is able to use different useful skills in fight to help you. There is an expedition feature that lets you to send troops on timed adventures, they will come back with experience points and resources. You can use crystals added with Fantasy War Tactics Hack to upgrade your expedition boat, that grows the prizes as well as slots for characters to go on expeditions for. Actually, this upgrade is likely the most essential thing to spend virtual currency in the game for. You can also spend crystals or gold for the generation of is improving your Lab equipment, to output more per day. The game has a long list of characters and each of these characters has at least one alternate costume you can purchase using currency! Every costume changes the appearance of the character in the game as well as offer actual stat bonuses.


1. Download Fantasy War Tactics Hack Tool from link above
2. Plug-in your iOS / Android device to PC via Wi-Fi, USB cable or bluetooth
3. Run Fantasy War Tactics game on your tablet / mobile phone
4. Start Fantasy War Tactics Hack on your computer
5. Press “Connect” to detect your device
6. Insert the amounts of Crystals, Gold and Mana Stone which you want to add
7. Click “Hack Game” and wait a few seconds to hack Fantasy War Tactics until the progress bar ends
8. Done! You have hacked Fantasy War Tactics game! Now restart the game and enjoy!



1. After you download and open Fantasy War Tactics Hack Tool, make sure the game is opened in your iOS / Android device
2. Before click “Hack Game” make sure your tablet / mobile phone is already connected to computer
3. After our Fantasy War Tactics Cheats has completed to add resources in your account, you must refresh the game and you can begin playing Fantasy War Tactics
4. After you refresh the game, you will see that all amounts of Mana Stone, Gold and Crystals you required have been added
5. The maximum amount of virtual currency which you can add once with this hack tool is 9999999
6. You can use Fantasy War Tactics Hack anytime you want

You can use this tool directly on your mobile phone or tablet so you will have to download it from one of the links above, install it, select the amount of Crystals, Gold and Mana and click “Hack Game” button. Please note that Fantasy War Tactics game must be installed on your Android / iOS device in order to work. Then reload the game and enjoy the newly added resources.


Fantasy War Tactics Hack Features

Ability to generate unlimited Mana Stone, Crystals and Gold
Compatible with Android mobile phones or tablets and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Anti-Ban protection
Working hack for all updates of Fantasy War Tactics

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