My Singing Monsters Hack Cheats Tool

My Singing Monsters Hack is a great tool which has some super features like generating unlimited Diamonds, Shards, Feeds and Coins to your account! One of the most useful features in this cheat code is the possibility to unlock all monsters. This trick will be helpful for you, more enjoyable game and the maximum maximum growth the chances of completing goals. We have included a new security script to maintain you safe when adding currency, so you remain undetectable and your game account activity are not found by the system. We want to tell you that our hack was successfully tested with Android and iOS devices, no errors and works fine with all of them. We are very fascinated in the fact that you have used the My Singing Monsters Hack with an incredible sense of satisfaction.

My Singing Monsters is a world-building game where you begin with one lowly small rock monster drumming away on his head. Along the way of the game you will add more monsters, each with a different song that they play. What starts as a small beat, immediately turns into a huge orchestra on your silent island. Breeding monsters need to be planned and luck, and the more various monsters that you unlock and breed, the more different sounds, tunes and instruments that you’ll append to the monster music. It’s an amazing and sweet experience to hear your whole orchestra come at the same time. Achieving objectives will give you experience points, letting you to level up, but you could also gain a small game virtual currency, too. Some purposes can’t be finished until you’ve achieved a particular level, so leveling up will give you new objectives.

You can purchase more islands in My Singing Monsters to build another world, and every habitat jingle with its individual backbeat. As often you breed a monster and put it in its new habitat, it accommodate to the rhythm soon and starts to add its own touch by intonation, stomping, doo-wop, thrumming or drumming. Completing an objective, even if you don’t achieve a new level, will provide you something new to do in My Singing Monsters. For example, the construction of a a bakery not just completes a task and win experience points, but also lets you to begin baking munchies for your creatures anytime you wish, apart of the goal system. By placing critters near items or creatures they like, their happiness intensity will be even greater. If you don’t know what your creature gets happy simply choose your monster and tap the “?” which will point out what your critter enjoys.

There are many tiers of feed with different speeds. The most rapid ones will produce the smallest quantity of food but are inexpensive. The more costly ones will provide you more food but take more time to produce. You are best off to discover the one that operates for you that will aid you keep a steady income off your creatures. When you upgrade your critters not just do the creatures make more currency for your island but they also modify in physical layout increasing higher and higher the further you level it up. For those impatient players, you can use My Singing Monsters Hack to purchase food, to speed up various processes, to buy monsters, to make better your island with different house upgrades, and more.


1. Download My Singing Monsters Hack Tool from link above
2. Plug-in your mobile phone / tablet to computer via Wi-Fi, USB cable or bluetooth
3. Start My Singing Monsters game on your device
4. Open My Singing Monsters Hack on your computer
5. Choose your platform (iOS or Android) and press “Connect Device”
6. Insert the amounts of Diamonds, Coins, Feeds and Shards which you want to add
7. Click “Activate Cheats” and wait a few seconds to hack My Singing Monsters until the progress bar ends
8. Done! You have hacked My Singing Monsters game! Now reload the game and enjoy!



1. After you download and run My Singing Monsters Hack Tool, make sure the game is opened in your device
2. Before press “Connect Device” make sure your tablet / smartphone is already connected to computer
3. After our My Singing Monsters Cheats has completed to add Shards, Diamonds, Coins and Feeds in your account, you must refresh the game and you can begin playing My Singing Monsters
4. After you reload the game, you will see that all quantities of virtual currencies you required have been added
5. The maximum amount of resources which you can add once with this tool is 9999999
6. You can use My Singing Monsters Hack anytime you want

My Singing Monsters Hack can be used directly on your mobile phone or tablet to add in-game resources. You can download it from one of the links above, install it and start, input the amounts of Diamonds, Shards, Coins, Feeds and tap “Activate Cheats” button to begin adding resources. Please note that My Singing Monsters game must be installed on your gadget in order to work. It is important to restart the game to see the newly added resources.


Ability to generate unlimited Diamonds, Feeds, Coins and Shards
Unlock all Monsters
Unlock all Structures
100% Undetectable

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