NBA Live Mobile Hack Cheats Tool Online Generator

NBA Live Mobile Hack Cheats Tool Online Generator


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NBA Live Mobile Hack About

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About NBA Live Mobile

There were a few attempts at creating NBA themed games in the past by various developers, but they never really worked out perfectly. Most of the time these attempts contained no actual gameplay, but only management of teams, or they were unplayably buggy. Fortunately, NBA LIVE Mobile promises to bring actual basketball gameplay onto your mobile device, combined with a player collection aspect.

Before you get to play the game, your first job will be to choose a username and a team that you want to represent. Available teams are copies of real life teams, so you can easily go with your favorites, and try to bring them to glory. Once that’s done, you will get to the meat of the game, the Live Events panel. This panel shows a map of the United States, and it will contain various NBA events, practices and more. Your job in the game is to compete against other players on the leaderboards by gaining as many fans for your team as possible, while also leveling up and earning new players.

First things first though, let’s talk about the actual gameplay, as this is a strong point of the game. Once you enter a match on the map, you will be taken to the court with your team of five. The matches are played out exactly like in real life, and you actually get to control your team throughout the four quarters!

The controls can be a little tricky to get used to at first, but they only consist of a few buttons. At the beginning of a match in NBA LIVE Mobile, the ball is thrown into the air between the two teams’ players, and you can choose to tap the Tip Off button to try and get it for your team. If you succeed with that, it means that your team will be the one attacking. During the attack phase, you have three buttons related to actions: Pass, Shoot and Drive, while there is also a joystick on the screen to control the movement of your player. You always control the player who currently has the ball, and Passing to another will immediately choose that player as your new active one.

You can also decide to throw the ball by holding the Shoot button at any time, automatically aiming at the basket. If you do decide to throw the ball, then there will be a little indicator on the screen, and if you release the button when the indicator is in the green color, that adds extra chance for the ball to land in the basket. The Drive button is used to sprint towards the basket, and swiping from this button to the Shoot button will perform a dunk, if your player is close enough to the basket.

Now, when your team is the one defending, you still get to control your players with the joystick, but the three buttons change to Switch, Guard and Block. Tapping Switch will automatically select the player who is closest to the opponent with the ball, while holding Guard will cause your player to guard that player, and try to block their movement. Upon tapping the Block button, your player will attempt to block the ball as it’s being thrown.

NBA LIVE Mobile only requires you to know these controls to be able to play full NBA matches and events. The game doesn’t only require skill during gameplay though, as the player collection aspect decides some things as well. You can collect any of the past and current NBA players, and customize your team composition at will from the ones already owned. There will be a few starting players in the beginning, but you can choose to buy and unlock new ones using coins or the premium currency of NBA Cash in the Store. You can unlock 4 to 5 players at a time in booster pack form, so there is no way to know which ones will you get.

Players have statistics as well, which decides how fast they are, how will they shoot, defend, pass and so on. Each player also has a number that indicates his overall power level, and the color around their pictures indicates their rarity. The game can automatically assign you the best possible owned teams, combo players who play the best together, or you can do it yourself to choose your favorites.

To unlock new players in NBA LIVE Mobile, you will either need to collect coins or buy NBA Cash with real money. To collect coins, you will want to take part in events, matches and practices. Events and matches are either played against computer controlled teams, or other people’s teams, controlled by the computer in the Head to Head menu. When playing against another player’s team, you will play the first quarter against the computer, then the other player will play the second quarter the same way, all the way to the fourth one, and the end scores are determined that way. Practices include the Daily Grind where you have to score from certain parts of an empty game field, or the Obstacle Drill, in which you have to avoid certain parts of the court and score three times.

If you choose to buy NBA Cash, you are able to do that starting at the price of $6.99 for 500, while the most expensive package costs $139.99 for 12,000 NBA Cash. Additionally there is an in-app purchase to get two Hoops player packs for $2.79, or you can spend your NBA Cash on other kinds of player packs. NBA Cash can also be used to restore energy, which is required to start matches and practices, but it also restores at a rate of one energy per 10 minutes.

Cheats & Tips for NBA LIVE Mobile

If you have trouble in NBA LIVE Mobile, then you will be glad to hear that there are a few highly useful cheats not only to earn extra coins, but also to make sure you will own the best players possible! If you are curious to learn more about these cheats, or wish to hear tips and tricks, then read on!

One of the first cheats to take advantage of is related to the ways you can earn some extra coins. Even though you get coins for every match played, be it a loss or a win, there are some hidden options for even more coins. For example, if you go to the achievements panel found at the top left side of the screen, then you will notice how each achievement has some reward assigned to it. If you manage to complete any of these, you get rewarded with coins, while some of the trickier ones will also get you player packs!

As for a way to get even more packs for free, there is another option for that as well!  All you have to do is play the Obstacle Drill each day and successfully complete it. You will get a chance at earning a free pack, trophies or coins as a reward. Practices are generally a good way to get coins and packs at a fast rate, so don’t forget about them!

In case you got bored of your chosen team, NBA LIVE Mobile has a hidden cheat that allows you to change this team to any other, without a fee. You can find this in the Options screen, in the second row, in a hard to notice part of the menu. The events in the game will then change according to this.

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