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The USA is in a state of civil war with different factions battling it out with vehicles that have been retrofitted and armed to the teeth. Five vehicles in particular are featured, each with her own specialty. There’s Engine 72, a firetruck pumper that now sprays napalm instead of water. Dread Predator is an ATV on steroids with engine baffles to keep it quiet and extra-soft tires to give it all terrain capability. Justia Omnibus looks like a school bus…that a ten-year-old addicted to Halo dreamed up. It has a 10-thousand-watt laser on its roof. Next up is the Cloudpuncher. This vehicle has an onboard 240mm. Finally, The Golem is an armored truck that used to work in the mines. It’s a two-story dump truck on massive tires with an armory’s worth of high-caliber weapons. Each of the trucks has a driver with a sparkling personality…er…will to win.

With the many different factions in a constant battle for supremacy, there’s also the weather to consider. A massive freeze-out has turned this united warzone into an ice rink for the last twenty years. Thus, the title, Winterstate.

Gameplay is extremely interesting because it requires advance thinking and strategy. The player needs to scope out the battlefield, plan the attack, and then draw a line for each vehicle to follow. As the vehicle follows this glowing green path, it will fire at enemies within its range. Then the player watches as the battle unfolds, keeping fingers and toes crossed that their battle path is effective! The battles get progressively more difficult, just like most games, and after each winning battle, the player will gain XP and items to reinforce their vehicles. In this way, the player will bring more and more aggression to each combat situation.

Taking out turret guns and HQ for the bad guys is usually the most effective way to win your battles, but you also have to consider the size and capacity of each vehicle that you’re using to fight. You wouldn’t want to pit your small caliber pickup truck against the villain’s gigantic tank with firebombs for example. The player’s strategy will improve the more they play as they become familiar with how the game works.

The writing in Winterstate’s marketing campaign is hilarious and effective, and the occasional dialogue in-game reflects that as well. Off the cuff remarks and macho attitudes will make the game a hit for 10 to 14 year olds, but the chess-like strategy required will appeal to older players as well.

Like in other games, the option to upgrade faster with better weapons and shields is optional at a cost. Otherwise, the player has to wait for a time for upgrades to become available for their vehicles.

Winterstate is an entertaining game with great graphics and a stimulating style of play that requires the player to use their brains as well as the brawn of their “cars with guns”.

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